How to listen to your intuition at work

intuition Jan 25, 2021

In an age of information overload and overwhelm, intuition is the key to discernment. Intuition is our sense of deep knowing and our natural ability to see reality in a clear, uncompromised way.

Intuitive listening helps us process everyday information. Whether we’re chatting with colleagues, skimming news reports, reviewing job applications, or listening to presentations, intuitive listening is a filter that extracts the signals from the noise.

Many of us use it without even recognizing that we are accessing our intuition. We don’t need tools or complex processes to activate our intuitive abilities, nor do we need to enter altered states of consciousness. Instead, we need more awareness about how intuition is already manifesting in the body, as well as the capacity to see past the distorted lenses of our personal opinions and feelings.

We can essentially breeze through cumbersome messages by devoting more attention to the subtle visceral reactions that take place in...

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A radically simple way to figure out if someone is telling you the truth

intuition Dec 01, 2020
We are all wired to detect the truth. We just haven’t figured out how to turn on our devices. 

Lies are illusions. They are potential realities that we are welcome to step into; however, they are also tight, confined spaces. Truth is a path that offers continuous expansion. Although there is always more truth to be had, it doesn’t flip-flop laterally or revert back to previous states. It always moves upward and invites more opportunity and possibility.

Living in an era of information overload seems to challenge our ability to tease the truth apart from lies. Our collective voice feels cacophonic, not because we don’t hear or listen, but because we haven’t fully cultivated our ability for discernment.

The process of identifying the truth isn’t nearly as complicated as we might believe, and our mounds of data don’t have to undermine our ability to see clearly.

Information overload isn’t the root of our problem. Our...

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