To manifest like a boss, lean into your triggers

finding your purpose Aug 10, 2021

Our hot buttons get pushed all the time. People offend us, situations don’t turn out as we hope, and we get triggered. 

Triggers overwhelm us and throw us off our axis. Why? Because in triggering moments we are suddenly flooded with fear-based thoughts, emotions, and sensations which send us into ‘reactive’ mode.

We tend to react to triggers with judgment and blame. We come to see them as the source of our pain and problems, and the very reasons why we can’t get what we want. 

In doing so, we become victims. We see life as something that happens to us—and success as a matter of luck. That, in turn, is how we make our lives into a struggle and take on the identity of “the failure.”

Lean into your triggers

When someone tells you to turn your obstacles into opportunities, do you feel briefly inspired and then confused as to how that can happen? Or perhaps you get triggered by what sounds like oversimplified advice?


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