A positive mindset can limit you unless you take these steps

fearlessness Jun 15, 2021

There’s a lot of excitement about using positive mindset visualizations to attain audacious goals. These exercises are along the lines of “picture your ideal life in detail and focus on everything going right.”

Are positive mindset techniques the ultimate tool for manifesting our wishes? It depends on how we use them.

These techniques don’t seem to work for most of us but do seem to help a fraction of people achieve the wild success they dream of. These four critical steps can make visualization exercises work just as effectively for you.


We have to first examine our current state of mind to determine if using a positive mindset tool will yield significant results. 

A positive mindset isn’t genuinely positive when it’s in avoidance of underlying negativity. If we have to force ourselves to think positively, it’s likely because we’re currently in a scarcity mindset.  A positive...

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Your scarcity mindset is holding you back. Here are three ways to change it.

fearlessness Apr 21, 2021

We want what we want and . . . many of us don’t reflect beyond this point. We use the energy of our will indiscriminately, constantly pushing forward without discerning. Are we chasing our desires from a sense of lack, or are we pursuing them from a sense of abundance?

Many of us adopt a scarcity mindset and unknowingly enter its vicious cycle. Having a scarcity mindset starts with a belief that we don’t have the inner resources to manifest what we want.

Becoming aware of what we’re chasing after, whether it’s money, power, fame, or love, is a powerful place to start recognizing the never-ending loop of the scarcity mindset. The chase in itself is often an indication that we are experiencing stuckness and confusion.

Why is chasing problematic? Because it plants two false ideas in our mind. The first is that we don’t currently have what we need. The second is that what we want lies outside of us. 

In the process of chasing our desires, we form...

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How to tackle the monsters holding you back from being a good leader

fearlessness Jan 01, 2021

Leadership development needs a strong dose of vulnerability. When we explore the depths of our minds and hearts, we lead with more authenticity and integrity.

Unconscious leadership happens when we aren’t self-aware, which puts fear in the driver’s seat. Because fear has a limited breadth of vision, it overlooks choices that would empower us and those we serve. At its best, unconscious leadership is weak. At its worst it’s destructive.

It’s hard to recognize in others what we don’t first see in ourselves. As we practice becoming more self-aware through conscious self-exploration, we will find it easier to see into others deeply and with precision. We may even find ourselves identifying others’ unconscious motivations before they do.

Self-awareness is critical in the workplace because it allows us to make smarter hiring decisions, nominate stronger leaders, and serve as empathic and inspirational mentors.

When we are deceived by...

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