These are the rules to break if you want to get more creative

creative genius Jul 13, 2020

I believe that our world is ready for a new paradigm on work and productivity—one that will nourish our most profound creative abilities. If we as business leaders accept that rigidity is the antithesis of creativity and innovation, then recognizing where rigidity exists in our current conceptualizations of work and productivity begins to set us free.

It helps to explore some of the social and organizational norms regarding work and productivity and further, to understand how these norms might be undermining and suppressing our creative genius.

Traditionally, most of us work from 9-5, which sets up the expectation that our creative impulses will manifest in that window. However, creativity doesn’t mind the clock; it prefers to show up when we are relaxed and open.


Given that many of us work in chaotic environments filled with constant chatter, meetings, and social distractions, our creative flow tends to kick in outside those hours once we have...

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This is how to declutter your inner workspace and get more creative

creative genius Jun 11, 2020

Creativity eludes most of us. It shows up unannounced, and its presence is fleeting. We often think that big creative breakthroughs are haphazard and reserved for a few lucky individuals who have the perfect idea at the perfect time. We feel somewhat helpless with the creative process.

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to boost the creative capabilities of their workforce. They also recognize that a social climate with a higher tolerance for error provides employees with more latitude and emotional safety to play with radical ideas. Innovation-oriented companies sometimes design quirky and playful external environments that are conducive to thinking outside the box.

However, the source of our creativity lies deep within us. Creativity is largely a subconscious and intuitive experience, which means that our internal environment ultimately determines our creative potential. We may call it our inner workspace. It’s the place within each of us that houses our...

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