Unleash your intuitive-creative genius to claim your worth and create your life.

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Manifest what you want by owning your intuitive-creativity.

Hello Rising Intuitives and Healers! Realizing the height of your potential will require legwork. But the journey is a beautiful transformation of becoming UNAPOLOGETICALLY ALIGNED with who you are - and never again questioning if you are worthy of it ALL. 

When you unleash your intuitive-creative genius, you take your super-powers to a new level: You access your natural ability to foresee your future and embrace the totality of your human potential. 

I help you harness the full power of your intuition so you can make decisions from your inner knowing (rather than believing), be your own guru, and fully step into your life's purpose.

As you ground into your intuition, you manifest what you want like a magician. That's because your intuition is your navigation system: it always knows exactly where you need to go.

Creativity is a gateway to intuition. Creativity is how you bypass mental rigidity and see beyond your mundane existence. Creative energy awakens your intuition ON THE SPOTwhile allowing you to be SPOT ON with your intuitions.

Wherever you are on your journey, I’m excited to guide you through an intuitive-creative expansion so you can finally be who you came here to be. 




Join my FREE Magical Manifestors Challenge! Master the ONE simple method that allows you to instantly manifest your abundance, expand your intuition AND eliminate your stress triggers in less than 20 minutes per day.



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Hey, I'm Bianca

I made a career out of studying change, focusing on how people systems transform. I earned a Master's and Phd degree, made quick leaps up the corporate ladder and won pretigious research grants for my work. Despite these achievements I was underpaid, painfully bored, and completely disconnected from my purpose. But I did walk away learning the most important lesson of my life: Nothing transforms on the outside until we get laser-focused on what's happening within us.
Today I am fully aligned with my joy of working with Intuitives who want to create their life through their own intuitive-creative healing journey. I help them discover what makes them uniquely valuable and how to leverage their gifts to create an amazing impact on the planet.

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